Meghan and one of her chandelier designs

Earrings, and drawer pulls, and geodes, oh my! – Royal Suzie

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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” – William Morris2017-02-02-15-43-57

Diane Ross, personal friend, designer, Feng Shui practitioner, and awesome travel agent (Check out Kingsbridge Travel), first introduced me to this saying.  If your environment could benefit from some beautification then get to Royal Suzie– and hurry!

It was right before Christmas and I was on my way to indulge in a little personal time when I passed a new establishment on Florida Ave in Seminole Heights- Royal Suzie.  Intrigued by the name (of course!), I whipped around the block and pulled in alongside the owner, Megan Strickland, as she was pulling in.  She was polite and invited this unknown stranger in to see her work in progress and I was hooked, bad.  Not even open yet, with displays of the most beautiful natural stones, crystals, geodes, she described her vision for her store named after her mother.Don't you just want them all?

Seriously, it’s hard to maintain your focus in this store. Each turn and your eyes delight in something new.  I was first captured by nightlights made of beautiful slices of agate, each different and providing the most gorgeous, unique patterns of light.  Next on to the earrings, pen stands, drawer pulls, book ends, tables, each more beautiful than the last.  And affordable too!  So much so that I made 3 trips there before Christmas (but don’t tell Dan).

Meghan and one of her chandelier designs

Meghan and one of her chandelier designs

Megan got her start in design when she re-engineered a pair of borrowed earrings.  A true artist, next she saw the possibility in making earrings out of guitar picks.  These sold at an amazing clip and resulted in her first large wholesale order.  If you can make something beautiful out of guitar picks, just consider what she can do with more beautiful components! The sky has been the limit since then.  Megan has an amazing ability to see the design possibility in the most natural ingredients. Make sure to stop by this “gem” of a new shop.  Tell her Susie sent you.

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