Top reasons we love Seminole Heights!

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  • Food!13584300_1149243261789310_1119266138_nIf you are a foodie or just enjoy a good meal you probably already know this. But Seminole heights is kind of a big deal when it comes to the restaurant scene. These places are award winning, interesting, and completely unique. And dare we say it– trendy. Whether you want to try the hip new ramen spot, Ichicoro, or need to finish off an evening out at the original Taco Bus, you won’t find an assortment of dining establishments as varied anywhere else in Tampa. Here are some of our favorites: Ox & Fields, Rooster & Till, Fodder & Shine, The Front Porch, Hampton Station, Cappy’s & Ella’s.
  • Boutique is better – Whether you like it or not you won’t find many recognizable chain stores in Seminole Heights. Independent and locally owned boutiques and markets make up the majority of the shopping options in this neighborhood. We’re not complaining! We love the unique assortment of product and people! Some of our favorites include: Cleanse, Urban Bungalow, Health Mutt, Disco Dolls, Microgroove, Jug & Bottle, Phoenix Glass Studio, & of course the Seminole Heights Market!
  • 13129555_1177393315612619_1697134583_nLocation, Location, LOCATION! – You really can’t get much better location-wise than Seminole Heights. 10-15 minutes to Downtown, Channelside, & South Tampa, make it super convenient for the work commute or just getting to the Lighting game. Besides the fact that it’s spitting distance to the heart of Tampa, Seminole Heights also is surrounded by the Hillsborough river and has the waterfront parks to prove it. And true to its name, the land is high enough to avoid flood zones, unlike most of south Tampa.
  • Community! The official site of the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood can be found at OldSeminoleHeights.org. This passionate group, the largest neighborhood association in Tampa, is committed to maintaining the neighborhood feel and history of their community. They do so through pro-active stewardship, monthly neighborhood porch parties, and quarterly general membership meetings. The association also hosts a Home Tour, as well as a neighborhood-wide yard sale. Membership in the civic association is optional, and a mere $10/year.
  • Hyde Park feel, but without the price tag11887075_971412216214424_769772355_nWhen we show off Tampa to visitors they almost always fall in love with Hyde Park. With the old bungalows on tree lined historic streets it’s easy to see the appeal. But very few people want to afford the cost of admission to that prestigious neighborhood. Seminole Heights is an affordable alternative. Old bungalows? Check. Tree lined streets? Check. Historic? Check! And while it doesn’t sit along Hillsborough Bay, Seminole Heights has the Hillsborough River surrounding it.
  • Craft Beer & other libations – One of the most popular features of Seminole heights is the number of interesting and varied watering holes if you need to wet your whistle. This neighborhood features some of the most popular spots in the city. No matter what your scene or favorite beverage, there is a place for you! Our favorites: The Independent, Red Star Rock Bar, Angry Chair, The Brew Bus, Twisted Sun Rum, 7eventh Sun, and the Mermaid Tavern.
  • Something is always poppin’ – Tired of the same old same old? There is always something new in the works in Seminole Heights. With the resurgence of the real estate market, businesses have been flocking to the area. Every week there seems to be a new restaurant, watering hole, or shop opening its doors. And from the plans we’ve seen it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. On the horizon: Twisted Sun Rum, 7eventh Sun, Mortar & Pestle (an independent pharmacy and café), Hair of the Dog (dog park and on-site bar) & several mixed used/residential projects.
  • Awesome Architecture – one of the things that draws us to Seminole Heights is “the pretty.” What do we mean by that? Seminole Heights are crammed full of interesting and varied architecture. Far from the master planned communities, this neighborhood features 1920s bungalows, Post War 1940s cottages, Mid-century modern ranches, and even newly built infill homes and townhomes. The common thread? Character. Even the homes that are the same style have over time developed unique additions and styles. You never know what to anticipate when going into a Seminole Heights home, and that’s the way we like it!
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